Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers. Check out our FAQ's about ECC.

Why is it called a gathering?

Here at East Calhoun Church, we believe that you come to church to experience more than a service. We strive to make it a worship-experience that you will remember. We call our worship-experiences a ‘gathering’ because people from all different walks of life are gathered as one — for one reason: to help people find Jesus!

How long is a gathering at ECC?

Each gathering at East Calhoun Church lasts approximately an hour. We do not put a time limit on Christ, but at the same time, we respect your time and we value the fact that you could come to any church in Gordon County area, and you have chosen to come and experience a gathering here at ECC. With that being said, expect an approximate hour-long gathering.

How should I dress when I attend ECC?

Here at East Calhoun Church, we want you to feel comfortable. We don’t want to tell you what to wear, but we do encourage you to wear what you normally wear. You don’t have to impress us! We just want you here — that’s all that matters. And we want you to feel comfortable and to have a good time.

Where is ECC located?

East Calhoun Church is located in Calhoun, Georgia off of Peters Street and Highway 41/53 junction. Click here to view a map and look at directions to our church. It should be relatively easy to find.

What should I expect when I attend ECC?

When you come to East Calhoun Church, be ready to experience people from all different walks of life. Our church is comprised of both black and white, rich and poor, young and old. You will truly be amazed by the culture.

Will ECC have activities for my children?

Here at East Calhoun Church, we always have something going on for the family. We offer an incredible Kids Church during our 11am Sunday Morning Gathering. We also offer Kids Church and a Student Ministry every Wednesday evening during our Family Bible Study that begins at 7pm.

Is there childcare provided for my little ones?

No matter what gathering you attend, we’ve got you covered! Our childcare workers are professional and courteous. Each worker has had a thorough background check and specialize in reaching your child at their age-level. So relax! Bring your little-ones to church with you and leave them in good hands during the gathering.

Can I listen to a gathering before I go?

Absolutely. If you want to make sure that East Calhoun Church is right for you, then we encourage you to visit the Watch A Gathering section within our website. Simply click here to launch this section right now.